Administration of Activated Charcoal

In the stomach, activated charcoal binds poisonous agents taken orally and prevents them from being absorbed. Activated charcoal should be given as soon as possible after the accident, preferably within 30 minutes. Activated charcoal is available from pharmacies without prescription. Prompt administration is possible only if you have activated charcoal at home!

NOTE! Do not give activated charcoal:

  • to a groggy or unconscious patient at home, as the patient may suffocate or inhale the substance into his/her lungs 
  • ​to a patient who has ingested petroleum products or corrosive agents, as activated charcoal does not bind these agents and may worsen the symptoms of poisoning by inducing vomiting. Administration of activated charcoal may make further examinations more difficult.
  • activated charcoal does not bind all agents. Alcohol, petroleum products, corrosive acids and bases, fluoride, cyanide and metals such as iron and lithium are exceptions since activated charcoal cannot bind them efficiently. In these cases, administering activated charcoal is of no use.


Carbomix® charcoal granules:

Adult: 1 bottle (50g)

Child: dosage per body weight (1g/kg)
​​​​​​​​​​​​- A c​​​hild who weighs 10 kg is given approx. 3 tablespoons of granules
- A child who weighs 20 kg is given approx. 6 tablespoons of granules


Carbo medicinalis®  -tablets:

Adult: 200 tablets (50g)

Child: dosage per body weight (4 tablets/kg)
- A child who weighs 10 kg is given 40 tablets.
- A child who weighs 20 kg is given 80 tablets. 

Dose for adults

Adults should primarily use Carbomix® charcoal granules, which should be mixed with water according to the instructions on the package. Drink the entire content of the bottle.

Preparation of activated charcoal for a child

1. Prepare a children’s dose by removing the dry granules of activated charcoal from the bottle with a spoon and mixing them with a small amount of water, or in the case of the tablets, crushing them in a small amount of water.

2. Then mix the entire dose with something that tastes good (ice cream, jam, yoghurt, mashed fruit, soft drink etc. in an amount small enough for the child to be able to eat the whole serving) and feed it to the child.


Adult's dose is 200
Carbo medicinalis®  -tablets.