For Patients

​HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center performs a great deal of pharmaceutical research. Read on to find out how to participate in a clinical trial as a patient.


Currently patients can be entered into the following clinical trials:

How to become a clinical trial participant?

You can be referred to a clinical trial by your physician. You can also contact the clinical trial unit’s nurse manager directly and they can give you information on how to become a clinical trial participant, and help with finding a suitable trial if one is available.

Contact Information:

What are the requirements for a clinical trial participant?

All clinical trial participants are required to meet the trial’s inclusion criteria. The inclusion criteria vary from trial to trial, and they are defined in detail in each research agenda. The patients are required to follow the instructions they receive from the clinical trial’s physician/nurse.

Eligibility for a clinical trial

If it appears that you may be eligible for a clinical trial currently underway in the Comprehensive Cancer Center after you have contacted us, you will be asked to sign the information leaflet and consent document for the trial in question.

After this, you will undergo more detailed examinations in the Cancer Center regarding your eligibility for this clinical trial. These examinations usually include laboratory tests and X-ray imaging. Both the eligibility examinations and participation in a clinical trial are free of charge for the patient. Patients can participate in Comprehensive Cancer Center clinical trials regardless of their municipality of residence.

Voluntary participation

Participation in clinical trials is always voluntary. You may cancel your consent to participate in a trial at any point without any disadvantages caused by the cancellation.

Regulatory Requirements

All clinical trials performed in Comprehensive Cancer Center have been approved by the Ethics Committee. Additionally, clinical trials are approved by the supervisory authority (FIMEA).