Pharmaceutical Industry

HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center is the largest center for cancer treatment and clinical research in Finland. Each year, Comprehensive Cancer Center treats around 24,500 patients, of whom approximately 9,500 are new patients. Currently, the Cancer Center has around 150 research studies underway, of which pharmaceutical clinical trials are a significant portion.

Comprehensive Cancer Center employs many experienced researchers and research nurses. Comprehensive Cancer Center performs well even in extensive international trials where patient recruitment is competitive.

Comprehensive Cancer Center is currently accepting submissions for new clinical trials. New clinical trials are submitted to a centralized e-mail address (, from where the clinical trial submission will be directed automatically for further processing.

Comprehensive Cancer Center aims to give an initial assessment on whether it considers participating in the trial within two weeks, but longer processing times may occur during holiday seasons. If the Cancer Center considers participating in the clinical trial, the Center will include in its reply the names of the people who are to be contacted in the future regarding the clinical trial in question.

The Cancer Center performs phase I, II, III, and IV pharmaceutical clinical trials and provides treatment for nearly all types of cancer. Drug therapies for childhood cancers are administered in Children's Hospital. 

The Ethics Committee meets once a month. FIMEA gives its opinion within two months after receiving the clinical trial information. Clinical Research Institute HUCH Ltd. (email) is responsible for creating a financial agreement. Research permissions and agreements may be prepared and processed simultaneously.

The hospital's research permit for a clinical trial requires an approval from both the Ethics Committee and FIMEA, and a financial agreement. Research permit processing in the hospital usually takes less than two weeks. All in all, the total duration of the authorisation process from receiving notice of the clinical trial to its approval is approximately two months.

HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center is committed to following the best ethical principals in all research activities. Clinical trials are carried out according to good clinical practice with the clinical trial patient’s best interest as a priority. Comprehensive Cancer Center research also follows the Declaration of Helsinki.

Contact Information
New clinical trials may be submitted to the following address: