Radiotherapy treatment of prostate cancer

The patient is referred to radiotherapy at the HUCH Department of Oncology, usually with a referral from a urologist. The appointment will be scheduled within six months of the arrival of the referral. If hormone therapy preceding radiotherapy has been initiated for the patient, the appointment will be scheduled within 2 to 3 months of starting hormone therapy. The oncologist is responsible for the radiotherapy administered to the patient. In addition to the oncologist, the radiotherapy team includes a physicist, radiology nurse, urologist, and other health care professionals as needed.

At the first appointment, the oncologist will evaluate the suitability of the patient for radiotherapy, explain the benefits and possible adverse effects of the treatment, and the possible therapy implementation methods. The patient will also visit a nurse or radiology nurse to receive oral and written information on radiotherapy.

Before the treatment-planning imaging, three gold seeds may be inserted into the prostate to locate the prostate and target treatment during radiotherapy. The gold seeds are inserted into the prostate through the rectum under ultrasound guidance. Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection.

During treatment, radiotherapy may cause urinary or bowel symptoms or weaken erectile functions. The symptoms are usually most uncomfortable at the end of radiation treatment, but will gradually settle in the following months. The side effects caused by radiotherapy can be alleviated with drugs.

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