Physician’s referral to HUCH

If examinations carried out in basic health care, occupational health care, or a private practice have given reason to suspect prostate cancer, the physician will make a referral to the HUCH Department of Urology for further examinations. Based on the referral, an appointment will be scheduled for the patient for a clinical examination and, usually, a needle aspirate sample of the prostate, taken under ultrasound guidance. The invitation to the examination will be sent by post. The appointment will be at the HUCH Urology Outpatient Clinic, at either Meilahti or Peijas Hospital.

If prostate cancer has already been diagnosed elsewhere, the physician writes a referral for a treatment consultation and possible further examinations to the Meilahti or Peijas Urology Outpatient Clinic or Oncology Outpatient Clinic.

If a physician in outpatient health care suspects the recurrence or advance of a previously treated prostate cancer, a referral is made for further examinations and treatment at the HUCH Meilahti or Peijas Urology or Oncology Outpatient Clinic. The place of treatment is determined by the patient’s place of residence.