Consultation meeting

When the results of the examinations are available, the patient is invited to an appointment with a urologist for a consultation meeting at the HUCH Urology Outpatient Clinic at the Meilahti or Peijas Hospital. If the patient so wishes, family members are also welcome to participate.
Based on the examinations made, the urologist will describe the type of cancer found, its spread, and the prognosis, as well as charting the patient’s general state of health and lifestyle. The urologist will explain the different treatment options: surgery of a localized prostate cancer, radiotherapy, or active surveillance. The choice of treatment also depends on the patient’s own wishes, age, general condition, and other medical conditions. In many cases, there is no single clearly superior alternative; instead, the treatment option that is best for the individual patient will be sought.
The goal of prostate cancer treatment is to prolong life expectancy, prevent the disease from spreading, and improve quality of life. The treatment of clinically significant, medium or high-risk cancer, or cancers that cause or may cause symptoms, is initiated as soon as possible. If the cancer is low-risk, however, active surveillance is usually the primary alternative, and immediate treatment is not required. Studies show that the risk of patients under active surveillance developing a cancer that causes symptoms or a risk of death is very low.

Prostate cancer nurse

A prostate cancer nurse will support and guide the patient as needed at all stages of the disease.
Consultation with the prostate cancer nurse is by appointment. Counseling can also be given by telephone. The prostate cancer nurse will provide the patient with further information on the examinations, treatments, and follow-up of prostate cancer. The nurse will discuss the effects of the cancer and treatments on the patient’s life, and will support the patient and their family in adjusting to the new situation. The confusion caused by developing cancer may make it difficult for the patient to absorb new information. Therefore, it is often useful to be accompanied by a family member or support person.
If necessary, the prostate cancer nurse will administer medication prescribed by a physician.





 Counseling by phone

Meilahti Hospital
nurse: tel. (09) 471 78320, Mon-Thu 9 am to 11 am and
12 noon to 2 pm, Fri 9 am to 11 am
prostate cancer nurse: tel. 050 427 1278, Mon-Fri 9.30 am to 11 am

Peijas Hospital
tel. (09) 471 66815, Mon-Thu
9 am to 11 am, Fri 9.15 am to 11.30 am
prostate cancer nurse: tel. (09) 471 66800, Tue
2 pm to 3 pm

Department of Oncology
Radiotherapy Unit
tel. (09) 471 73245,
Mon–Fri 8 am to 4 pm