Personal aids


A payment voucher for a wig is provided as needed to patients receiving chemotherapy. Patients with metastatic cancer may be given a payment voucher for a new wig once a year.

Breast prosthesis

  • The first payment voucher for a breast prosthesis is prepared by the surgical unit following mastectomy.
  • Later, a new voucher will be prepared by the Department of Oncology as needed when the patient’s treatments are continued there.
  • A patient may also receive a payment voucher for a swimming prosthesis if needed.
  • Annual payment vouchers will be prepared by primary health care when patient monitoring is transferred there.

Compression stockings and sleeves for the legs, arms and other parts of the body

Medical compression sleeves and gloves are provided for the treatment of arm lymphedema following breast cancer and/or lymph node removal. A small number of patients may benefit from a compression vest. A compression vest must always be recommended by a physical therapist.

A physical therapist evaluates the need for compression products. The patient is referred to a physical therapist by a physician or breast-cancer nurse. The physical therapist evaluates the patient and prepares a payment voucher request for compression products. The voucher is then used by the patient to obtain compression products from private service providers.

A Department of Oncology physical therapist assesses the effect of compression products on lymphedema after three months of use.