Information events

The Department of Oncology arranges information events for patients receiving treatment for breast cancer. The information event covers matters related to the end of breast cancer treatment and transitioning to breast cancer monitoring.

The information events are provided free of charge and they are held approximately every other Thursday. For further information and to register for an event, please visit the patient office on the 1st floor.

Breast cancer follow-up after treatment

Follow-up appointments:
The aim of breast cancer monitoring is to provide answers for any treatment-related questions the patient may have, to instruct in alleviating any adverse effects of cancer treatments, and to detect any local recurrences of breast cancer at an early stage.

After the initial breast cancer treatment stage, monitoring continues at the Department of Oncology for 5 to 10 years depending on the patient's individual needs. Patients are called in for yearly examinations and/or appointments. In between follow-up appointments, the patient can always contact us via the mobile service Noona which offers a breast cancer follow-up service, or by calling the symptom helpline in matters related to breast cancer.

Breast cancer nurses provide counselling


You can acquire user credentials for Noona by calling the number 09 471 74207. The answering machine will ask you to leave a voice mail message where you state your name, personal identity code and your email address. After your call, you will receive user credentials and a link to Noona for signing in as a user in post-breast cancer monitoring. The Noona application's start page provides more detailed instructions.

Symptom helpline:

In addition to follow-up examinations and/or appointments, the Department of Oncology offers a telephone helpline for patients on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00, tel. 09 471 74241. When calling the symptom helpline, please leave a voice mail where you calmly state your name, personal identity code and your concern briefly. A breast cancer nurse will call you back within two work days and refer you to an appointment or further examinations when needed.