Appointment with an oncologist

​A customized plan for each patient’s continued treatment is prepared at a physicians’ meeting after breast cancer surgery. The patient’s first post-operative appointment with an oncologist at the Department of Oncology is made based on this plan. The appointment is either at the

Drug therapy ward:
  • if chemotherapy is tentatively planned or
  • if the patient will have no radiotherapy at all, or at the

Radiotherapy ward:

  • if the patient will have radiotherapy only or
  • if both radiotherapy and hormone therapy are planned as further treatment.

The appointment is usually about 3 to 4 weeks after the operation. The treatment usually begins about one month after the operation, depending on how the wounds are healing. The average time for a breast cancer patient to receive care after a referral arrives at the Department of Oncology is now being published on the Oncology home page.

The appointment usually includes reviewing the treatment plan, its implementation, and treatment side effects with both the oncologist and the nurse. Depending on the individual plan, laboratory tests or imaging (full-body computed tomography) may have been done ahead of time. The medical history form should be filled out in advance.

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