Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer patient's average access to treatment after the arrival of the referral to the Department of Oncology in cases where radiation therapy is the only available treatment.

If the first treatment is hormone therapy, radiation therapy starts as planned after 2-3 months.

Year 2020
June          ​2,6 weeks​
​2,9 weeks
​April ​4,0 weeks
​March ​3,4 weeks
​February ​3,9 weeks
​January ​3,3 weeks

Year 2019
​December ​3,9 weeks
​November ​3,3 weeks
​October ​3,8 weeks
​September ​4,1 weeks
​August ​4,3 weeks
​Juli ​6,1 weeks
​June ​4,0 weeks
​Mai ​4,3 weeks
​April ​3,9 weeks
​March ​3,0 weeks
​February ​4,0 weeks
​January 4,3 weeks

Patients in need of urgent treatment get access to treatment within a week, if necessary, the next day.