Pediatric neurosurgery

A dedicated pediatric neurosurgery team at the Department of Neurosurgery at HUCH operates annually on approximately 200 pediatric patients. There is a close co-operation between the pediatric neurosurgery team and the other specialists at the Children's Hospital to ensure that child patients receive high-quality pediatric care.

Corrective surgery of disorders in the cerebral fluid circulation (i.e. hydrocephalus) is a common neurosurgical procedure in children. Endoscopic procedures are preferred whenever possible. Shunt operations where a thin silicone tube is used to direct cerebrospinal fluid away from inside the skull into the abdominal cavity are only used when necessary.

Pediatric epilepsy surgery is a special focus area at the Department of Neurosurgery in Helsinki. In Finland, all epilepsy surgeries on children are exclusively performed at HUCH. A team of specialists examines, analyses and plans the surgical treatment of children with severe epilepsy. Most children with epileptic who undergo surgical treated at HUCH become seizure free later on.

In Finland, the surgical treatment of skull deformities (craniosynostosis) is exclusively performed at HUCH. To ensure positive treatment results, pediatric neurosurgeons collaborate with plastic surgeons.

Pediatric neurosurgeon also treat brain tumours and disorders of the cerebral circulation (vascular malformations of the brain) in children. Rare neurosurgical developmental disorders in children are also treated at HUCH, including spina bifida (myelomeningocele and lipomyelomeningocele) and their sequels (tethered cord syndrome).

Department of Neurosurgery at HUCH is the only hospital in the whole Finland which has a dedicated 24/7 pediatric neurosurgery consultant service available.