pk_neurokirurgia2.jpgNeurosurgery refers to the surgical treatment of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). The most common conditions requiring neurosurgery include:

  • intracranial tumours,
  • brain injuries,
  • cerebrovascular diseases,
  • spinal cord tumours,
  • compression of the spinal canal,
  • hydrocephalus,
  • cerebrospinal fluid leakage,
  • severe pain syndrome,
  • movement disorders and
  • epilepsy.

In Finland, highly demanding neurosurgical operations are only performed in university hospitals that have advanced intensive care units and can offer the patient a full range of specialist services including neuroanesthesiology, neuroradiology, neuropathology, neurology, pediatric neurology, clinical neurophysiology, neuro-otology and neuro-ophthalmology.

The prognosis of neurosurgical patients depends on the disease and its severity. Neurosurgery is one of the fastest developing medical specialities, and results are continuously improving through the introduction of new treatment methods. Recent major advancements in neurosurgery include the application of microsurgical techniques, the advancements in imaging technologies and the high quality and increased amount of intensive care.

Neurosurgery in the HUS area exclusively performed

In the HUS area, all neurosurgical operations are exclusively performed at Neurosurgery at Töölö Hospital. Neurosurgery is the oldest neurosurgergical department in Finland, established in 1932. Today, neurosurgery is part of the portfolio of all university hospitals, although Neurosurgery in Helsinki has maintained its position as the largest and best known neurosurgery unit in Finland.

Neurosurgery provides treatment to all patients requiring neurosurgery within the HUS area and the Hospital Districts of Kymenlaakso and South Karelia, i.e. the whole Southern Finland with population of nearly 2 million.

All cerebral bypass surgeries and pediatric epilepsy surgeries in Finland are performed exclusively at Neurosurgery. In addition, patients from across Finland and abroad are referred to Helsinki for neurosurgical treatment of complex cranial base tumours and cerebrovascular abnormalities. Neurosurgery is the only neurosurgical unit in Finland providing pediatric emergency services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

World-renowned centre of excellence

Neurosurgery is world-famous for its expertise in all subsections of neurosurgery. It is considered the leading centre in Europe in the microneurosurgical treatment of cerebral blood vessel diseases and complex brain tumours, and is also ranked among the very best units in the World. Every year, nearly 200 neurosurgeons from all around the World visit Helsinki to learn how to apply the latest microsurgical techniques in neurosurgery. Each year, more than 3,200 patients undergo neurosurgical treatment at Helsinki.