Auli Verkkoniemi-Ahola

verkkoniemi-ahola_auli.jpgChief Physician, Adjunct Professor
Neurocenter, Jorvi Hospital
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Clinical interests: Alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal dementia, other neurodegenerative diseases and memory disorders and their familial forms, Multiple sclerosis (MS), CNS-infections including PML and CJD
Education: MD 1988 University of Tampere, Specialist in Neurology 1996 University of Helsinki, Title of thesis: "Variant Alzheimer's Disease with Spastic Paraparesis: Clinical, Neuropathological and Molecular Genetic Characterization", PhD 2002 University of Helsinki, Adjunct Professor of Neurology (Docent) 2004 University of Helsinki, Specialist in Administration 2007 University of Helsinki
Research: Presenile familial Alzheimer disease with spastic paraparesis, genetic and cardiovascular risk factors of late onset dementia (the Vantaa 85+ Study), familial dementia – found mutations and genetic risk factors, postmarketing clinical use and patient safety of the most efficient MS treatments
Visits: Visiting researcher at Mayo Clinic in 1997 in professor John Hardy's research group, Neurogenetics Laboratory/ Tampa, Florida
Memberships: Chair of Alzheimer disease patients' organization in Helsinki in 2001,
Finnish neurologist representative in EuroCJD network