Demanding, special-level outpatient neurological operations at Meilahti

Demanding, special-level neurology in the HUS area has been centralised at the Neurology Outpatient Clinic of Meilahti Triangle Hospital.  In most cases, patients are admitted to the outpatient clinic bases on a referral from the hospital’s own neurologist:
  • In complicated Parkinson’s disease cases, the patient may benefit from surgical treatment; deep brain stimulation or continuous drug infusion. The benefit achieved from these treatment forms and the patient’s suitability for the treatments is assessed by an experienced neurologist at Meilahti Triangle Hospital. In addition, the expertise of a neurologist is necessary after the surgical procedure in the adjustment of the treatment.
  • In some cases, a patient’s epileptic seizures cannot be stopped even though several drugs and drug combinations are tried. The cause and best possible treatment for this kind of difficult-to-treat epilepsy is assessed at the Neurology Rehabilitation Clinic. Some of these patients benefit greatly from procedures performed by a neurosurgeon – the feasibility of surgery and its benefits are assessed by the neurologist in co-operation with a neurosurgeon, neuropsychologist, radiologist and clinical neurophysiologist.
  • Despite medication, MS can cause a multitude of symptoms for some patients. Treatment of this kind of particularly active MS is assessed at Meilahti Triangle Hospital and consideration is given to the best drug option in the situation. In addition, intravenous drug therapies are implemented at the Day Hospital.
  • When a rare muscle or peripheral nervous system disease is suspected to be the underlying cause of a slowly progressing muscle wasting or weakness, the specific diagnosis is clarified at the muscle disease outpatient clinic.
  • The diagnostics and treatment of many other rare neurological disorders (e.g. myasthenia gravis) is centralised at Meilahti Triangle Hospital.
A common feature for all the above-mentioned special-level outpatient clinics is that neurologists work in close co-operation with the patient, nurses, therapists from a range of specialities and physicians from other specialities (including radiologists, clinical neurophysiologists, neurosurgeons, pathologists).