The core tasks of the nephrology speciality include the diagnostics and treatment of renal diseases and co-ordination of the treatment of chronic renal disease in the HUS area. Patients are treated round-the-clock at Meilahti Triangle Hospital for acute renal diseases, for example. In addition, the nephrology speciality treatment units form the largest dialysis training and home dialysis centre in Finland. The nephrology units monitor over 1,000 dialysis and organ transplant patients and work in close co-operation with satellite dialysis units in the Helsinki area and other renal centres in the hospital district.

In addition, basic health care is an important co-operating partner and the co-operation aims for the early detection of renal diseases and their effective treatment. Both physicians and nursing students are trained in the nephrology treatment units. In HUCH, the study of renal diseases focuses on renal diseases caused by diabetes and various inflammations, dialysis and organ transplants.



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