Infectious diseases

The speciality of infectious diseases examines and treats diseases caused by microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Infectious diseases are very common. The majority of common infections are treated in basic health care and outpatient care or patients recover spontaneously via home remedies. Based on the severity of the infection, infectious diseases patients requiring hospital treatment are treated in all hospitals in the HUS area.
The speciality of infectious diseases cares for patients afflicted with a severe infectious disease. Infectious diseases have two inpatient wards in Meilahti Triangle Hospital. Patients are also treated in the day hospital and at outpatient clinics by appointment. Since infectious diseases are common, they are found in all specialities. Primarily, infected patients are treated within the sphere of the speciality they belong to and patients receive infectious diseases services so that each speciality has a named consulting infectious disease specialist.

In the speciality of infectious diseases, the most common patient groups include:
  • Patients suffering from a severe systemic infection, such as sepsis
  • Patients suffering from an immunological disorder, such as HIV, or from a congenital immunological disorder, such as CVID.
  • Patients suffering from infection complications and those presenting difficult diagnostic and therapeutic challenges, such as non-specific fever
  • Patients suffering from difficult, post-operative infections
  • Patients suffering from a rare tropical disease, such as malaria

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