At HUH, the Urogynecology Center is responsible for diagnosis and treatment of urogynecology or continence (women's urinary incontinence and problems with urination). The outpatient operations of urogynecology and demanding surgery are concentrated at the Women’s Hospital. By concentrating operations we ensure our care is patient-oriented, high-quality and efficient.

The number of patients (women's urinary and prolapse problems) and their need for care has increased as the population is getting older.

Extensive, multidisciplinary skills are needed for the treatment of urogynecological patients. The treatment of demanding surgery patients is performed as teamwork with urogynecologists, proctologists, radiologists and urologists.  Conservative treatments utilize, for example, the skills of physiotherapists. A nurse reception for conservative treatment of prolapse patients also operates at the urogynecological outpatient clinic.

A considerable part of urogynecological surgeries are performed as day surgeries. HUH has been the first in Finland to change some of its urogynecological day surgery operations to outpatient operations. In 2014 about 200 incontinence surgeries were performed as outpatient operations.  Minor prolapse surgeries have also been relocated to the outpatient clinic, the operations of which will expand.

The Urogynecological Center is Finland's leading unit in urogynecological research. The unit is in charge of specific training of urogynecology at the University of Helsinki and one or two gynecology specialists will be in training at any one time. In the beginning of 2016 the Urogynecology Center will receive the first quality register in its speciality. The register will help ensure top-quality care.