​In the gynecology units, the most commonly treated problems include menstrual disturbances, gynecological reasons for abdominal pain, prolapses, urinary incontinence and matters related to family planning. The most common gynecological surgeries include hysterectomies, prolapse surgeries, procedures on alterations of the uterus and ovaries and urinary incontinence surgery. Cancer operations and endometriosis surgery are the most demanding procedures.

All hospital areas of HUS have gynecology units. Surgical treatment and drug therapy for gynecological cancer and the most demanding gynecological operations have been centralized at the Women’s Hospital for the entire Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district. The Women’s Hospital also treats infertility and the most difficult hormonal disturbances and performs abortions based on fetal grounds.

The Gynecological Emergency Clinics treats patients who have had a miscarriage, are suffering from extensive bleeding or pain during early pregnancy, when an ectopic pregnancy is suspected, or when there are complications after a gynecological operation.