Surgical treatment of gynecological cancers

​In the HUS area, gynecological cancers are surgically treated exclusively at HUCH Women's Hospital. The planning and implementation of treatment requires multidisciplinary skills, and close collaboration between professionals representing different fields provides the best premises for successful care. Surgery is often performed to treat cancers of the female external genitalia, cervix, corpus uteri, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Fertility-conserving cancer surgery has improved the quality of life in young women and is most often performed at the Women's Hospital in Finland.

Using a targeted surgical approach to treat women of any age is becoming increasingly common. In a targeted surgical approach, minimally invasive surgery (such as robot-assisted surgery) is combined with medical imaging and radiotracers to accurately remove tumors while conserving the surrounding tissue.

Nevertheless, open surgery is also used, especially in the treatment of ovarian cancer. New surgical techniques and improvements in anesthesiology have contributed to the development of open surgery and today, recovery is faster, even from a major surgical operation. Furthermore, today's patients need not worry about any pain.