Gynecological surgeries

​Every year over 7,000 surgical operations are performed in the gynecology units within the HUS area. The variety of surgical procedures is wide because surgical treatment is always tailored individually for each patient. Various gynecological disorders and conditions of different women at different ages can be treated using surgery.

Patients referred to surgical operations are thoroughly examined at the outpatient clinic. Patients are entitled to receive sufficient information about the treatment plan and possible risks. The decision to operate is made together with the patients and the surgical method selected based on individual considerations. There are several surgical methods – minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, laparoscopy and robot-assisted laparoscopy, vaginal procedures and open surgery. Discharge from hospital after ambulatory surgery is on the day of the operation after a short monitoring period. After other surgical procedures, patients are often discharged within a couple of days. Further care and follow-up are arranged separately in each case.

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by the nurses on your ward and in the operating theatre by the surgical team. The WHO Surgical Team Safety Checklist is implemented in every surgery. Treatment is planned and implemented by a multiprofessional group to ensure high-quality treatment in every respect from the first appointment at the outpatient clinic to being discharged after surgery.