Gynecological cancer

​Every year in Finland approximately 1,600 women are diagnosed with gynecological cancer. Nearly one in four patients is treated at HUCH Women's Hospital where women living in the HUS area are treated for gynecological cancers exclusively.

Cancer of the corpus uteri is the most common gynecological cancer, accounting for half of all cases. The unit treating gynecological cancers in the Women's Hospital is the largest unit in Finland and has highly skilled personnel. Surgeries are performed by six gynecologists who have specialized in gynecological cancers.

Treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. Selective drugs are also used. Minimally invasive techniques, including laparoscopy and robotic laparoscopy, and fertility-conserving surgery are becoming increasingly common. Medical treatment is complemented with expert nursing and personal care. Follow-up is organized in the outpatient clinic where the number of visits is 3,500 a year.