Colposcopy is used to examine cytological changes of the cervix, the vagina and the vulva found in PAP or HPV tests and to verify the nature of the cytological change. If required, colposcopy can be used for help in treating precancerous lesions and to follow the progress or regress of the changes and the treatment.  The procedures help to prevent around 800 to 1 000 cervical cancers in Finland every year.

At Helsinki University Hospital colposcopy (endoscopy of the opening of the vagina) is performed at Gynecological Outpatient Clinic in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Cervical cancer is internationally the third most common cancer in women and causes the second-largest number of deaths. The peak age for getting cervical cancer in Finland is about 35 years, when many women still have plans to get pregnant. Incidence and death rate of the disease have gone down by 80% in Finland due to Pap-smear screenings and colposcopy operations.

The doctors working at the colposcopy center at Gynecological Outpatient Clinic in Ruoholahti are at the top of their field and have developed colposcopic diagnostics and treatments that are used world wide. The goal is for the HUH colposcpy center to become part of European colposcopy training.