In the HUS area, the specialised medical care of adult and pediatric skin diseases is centralised at the Skin and Allergy Hospital. Patients suffering from malignant skin tumours or their precursors or difficult-to-treat skin ulcers form a notable patient group. In addition, a Venereal Diseases Outpatient Clinic, where no appointment is necessary, operates in the hospital. The mild forms of common skin diseases, such as atopic eczema and psoriasis, are treated in outpatient care, as are common bacterial and viral infections of the skin.  
As a rule, patients need a referral from a physician to book an appointment at the Skin and Allergy Hospital. Based on the referral, an individual line of treatment is designed for each patient, which depends on the clinical picture. Once a successful form of treatment has been found, patients usually continue in outpatient care. We operate in multidisciplinary co-operation with other specialities and professional groups.

The following surgeries, run by specialists, operate in the Skin and Allergy Hospital and are intended for patients afflicted with severe, long-term skin diseases or:

  •  Severe atopic eczema (UV and biological therapies)
  •  Psoriasis (UV and biological therapies)
  •  Difficult-to-treat leg and other ulcers
  •  Autoimmune connective tissue and bullous diseases of the skin
  •  Difficult-to-treat leg and other ulcers
  •  Skin cancers (surgical and photodynamic therapy)
  •  Lymphomas of the skin
  •  Occupational skin diseases
  •  Hereditary skin diseases
  •  Pediatric skin diseases
  •  Skin allergological examinations (various skin tests)
  •  Drug reactions

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