Teaching and research

The Allergy Unit is part of a teaching and research hospital. The Skin and Allergy hospital teaches Bachelor’s degrees in medicine and specialising physicians in pulmonary, childhood and skin diseases. Studies at the Allergy School are arranged as part of a period of advanced studies arranged once a year for specialising physicians and physicians working in basic health care. In addition, the hospital co-operates with health care institutions and arranges practical training periods for students studying these fields.

Research operations

A core target of research at the Allergy Unit is the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of allergy and asthma. New means of treating allergic rhinitis are searched for with the help of research projects. The clarification of the inflammatory mechanisms of asthma and development of pulmonary function tests for small children have produced means for clinical use. At the moment, food allergies are one special target of research. The Skin and Allergy Hospital has been a forerunner in the assessment of adverse health effects related to indoor air. Other research subjects include the role infant nutrition and breast milk play in the creation and prevention of allergies, good treatment of asthma and new allergy studies.