Appointment Booking

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Adult patients of Health stations in all HUS muncipalities can book an appointment online (childrens appointments only by phone, se below):

• ultrasound examinations 
• breast ultrasound for patients under the age of 30 (in Porvoo booking by phone 019 548 2279, in Lohja by phone 019 3801230) 
• examination of scoliosis or the mechanical axis (no appointment booking in Hyvinkää, Porvoo and Raasepori, in Lohja booking by phone 019 3801230)
• bone densitometry done in Elielinaukio X-ray unit 
• ambulatory sleep polygraphy (at home)
• electroneurography ENG 
• kidney function scintigraphy
• fundus photography for patients with diabetes (*excl. customers of health centres in Askola, Hanko, Helsinki, Inkoo, Kerava, Lapinjärvi, Lohja, Nurmijärvi, Siuntio and Tuusula)

You can book an appointment by telephone for examinations listed above as well.​ 

Bookings only by phone 09 471 80900
Mon-Fri 8-15:30

all appointment for children under 16 years only by phone
• CT and MRI examinations of the head region
• mammography (in Porvoo bookings by phone 019 548 2279) 
• ambulatory sleep polygraphy, electroneurography and kindney function scintigraphy online or by phone 09 471 80909

For other examinations, the referring unit will book the appointment or instruct the patient on appointment booking.​​

Instructions for appointment booking in South Karelia area can be found on Eksote webpage >>​ (only in Finnish).

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Do you have a referral for a plain X-ray examination?

You are not able to book an appointmet for a general bone, chest or teeth examination. You can freely choose X-ray unit to visit in HUS area or in KYMSOTE area. Look for a X-ray unit:      

Please read the patient instruction before coming to the examination








Information on other examinations​