Customer service

You can contact Medical Imaging Center's customer service:

By phone 09 471 80900 (Mon–Fri, from 8:00 to 15:30)

Online appointment booking are available around the clock

Our telephone service is for health center patients in the Uusimaa region. We also help referring units in booking an appointment on behalf of the patient.
Additionally, we have an online appointment booking service, which is increasingly popular. Customers have been happy that they can choose their examination time and place freely online.
Medical Imaging Center's customer service has a team of nine professionals with several years of experience. 
We gather feedback on phone calls via SMS. The feedback SMS asks e.g. if you would recommend Medical Imaging Center’s appointment booking and customer service to others. 
We continue to develop our centralized appointment booking and online services. More examinations are constantly added to both services. 
29.2020: Our telephone service is busy at the moment and there may be delays in our call-back service.
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