Customer satisfaction

​HU​S Medical Imaging Center's NPS:

You can adjust the time frame of the NPS from the menu, for example, the past 7 days, past 30 days, past 90 days, or past 12 months.


Recommendations from our customers:​


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 How was it?

​NPS or Net Promoter Score indicates how many of our customers would recommend Medical Imaging Center to their friends. 

The bigger the number, the happier the customers are.  
The customer responses are classified as follows:

0–6 = detractors
7–8 = passives
9–10 = promoters

Medical Imaging Center’s NPS is measured with quick response devices in ten units at a time.​

 Customer panel

Medical Imaging Center has an active customer panel, which promotes the patient and customer views in service development. 

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