Chatbot and live chat

​Do you need help? Neuvo the chatbot is at your service!

HUS Medical Imaging’s chatbot Neuvo is intended for customers who will undergo imaging examinations. You will receive advice on e.g. making appointments, finding facilities and opening hours.
Neuvo assists the customer service 24/7 and is ready to help you at any time. You will find Neuvo in the right menu at the bottom of the page, at the address (Neuvo speaks only Finnish at the moment.)


How does it work?

1. Write a question to Neuvo the bot. Neuvo will give you advice and guidance!
Start the conversation by writing a question in the chat window. The chatbot can help you especially in questions relating to making an appointment, finding facilities and opening hours. 

The service does not handle any personal information so please don't write any personal data in the chat window.

Ask Neuvo as simple questions as possible, one question at a time. The bot has been taught the most frequently asked questions and the answers, but it is learning continuously.

If you want to contact a customer advisor directly, write “siirry asiakaspalvelijalle” in the chat window (Neuvo speaks only Finnish at the moment).

2. Live chat weekdays at 8-15 as additional help
If Neuvo cannot answer your question, you will be directed to a live chat with a customer advisor. The service is open weekdays at 8-15.
The live chat is managed by the centralized appointment booking and customer service of HUS Medical Imaging.


You will find Neuvo in the right menu at the bottom of the page, at the address