​Are you afraid of blood tests?

HUSLAB offers special service for phobia patients in the Kamppi laboratory (Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 10 A). The service aims to take into account the patient’s fear inducing issues and remove them if possible so the sampling would be as pleasant as possible. The service is only available by appointment booking and the appointment lasts for 30 minutes. When booking the appointment, please choose “Service for phobia patients”.

When you arrive to the Kamppi laboratory, please have a seat in the waiting area in the back. You will be called in by your name.


Service for phobia patients
Eteläinen rautatiekatu 10 A, 3rd floor
Appointment booking: www.huslab.fi/ajanvaraus choose “Service for phobia patients”
or tel. 09 471 86800, Mon–Fri 07:30–15:30

Children afraid of sampling


Many children are afraid of sampling.​ Nurses specialized in collecting samples from children are available in the Tullinpuomi laboratory and in New Children's Hospital laboratory. Tullinpuomi laboratory also has a separate waiting area for children. Of course, you may take your child to any of the HUSLAB laboratories for blood tests.