Gynecologic Oncology Outpatient Clinic

Street address
Women’s Hospital
Haartmaninkatu 2, Helsinki

Mailing address
PO Box 140, 00029 HUS

Contact information
Patients in symptom monitoring, and renewal of treatment-related prescriptions: Mon–Thu 8:00–9:00, Fri 8:00–11:00 and 12:00–13:00. Tel. 050 427 1957

Changing or cancelling appointments: Mon–Fri 9:00-10:00: 09 471 72919 (secretary)

Questions concerning cytostatics and premedication: Mon–Fri 8:00–9:00: 040 683 6440 or 040 651 4993

Fax: 09 471 73640
Nurse Manager: Airi Halonen
Physician in charge of the ward: Mikko Loukovaara

If you experience sudden changes in your condition, you must contact / visit your nearest emergency room.

If sudden gynecological symptoms occur, please always contact the nurse on-call at Women’s Hospital's Emergency Department, tel. 09 471 72913, before you visit the Women’s Hospital’s Emergency Department.

In HUS, the treatment of gynecological cancers has been centralized to Gynecologic Oncology Outpatient Clinic.

We treat patients receiving the following treatments:


Let’s take care of the patients together 

You are not allowed to come to our clinic if you have symptoms of an infection or have been exposed to the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you are healthy, please come alone to your appointment. Support persons are not allowed to come with you. Wash your hands carefully with soap and use hand disinfectant before or immediately after you enter the clinic.