The Family Nest Hotel

Hotel Scandic Meilahti, 2nd floor 
Tukholmankatu 2
00250 Helsinki
P  141, 00029 HUS

040 687 5868 (Family Nest Hotel - nurse/midwife)
09 6899 9028 (Hotel Scandic Meilahti - reception)


The Family Nest Hotel offers postpartum care for healthy mothers and new-born babies. Your partner or other support person may share the room with you. The length of the treatment period is determined individually, but usually the stay lasts one to two days.

Professional staff is available around the clock in the Family Nest Hotel. A nurse will offer help, instructions and guidance as needed. Parents will take care of their baby themselves. A care meeting is held four times a day to monitor the well-being of the mother and the baby. A pediatrician will examine the baby before you can go home.

Compared to a maternity ward, the Family Nest Hotel offers more privacy and the family has a better chance to rest. The family can take their time to get to know each other. The staff members will enter the room only at agreed-upon times to visit the baby and the family. In your room, you also have the possibility to use a tablet to watch videos about breast feeding and caring for the baby.

In the Family Nest Hotel you will wear your own clothes. Please bring a few sets of clothes for both you and your baby. The room contains the same equipment and accessories as the rooms at the maternity ward: a crib, a baby changing table, and diapers, sanitary pads, and towels.

Meals for the mother are included in the price. Other meals you will need to buy yourself. In the hotel, you can dine in the restaurant Bistro, or you can buy a take-away meal from the restaurant. The building also has a hamburger restaurant and a grocery store.

From the Women’s Hospital, a minibus will take you to the hotel six hours after the delivery. The family can also use their own car to get to the hotel. Parking space near the hotel is limited, and parking is not included in the price.

The family is responsible for any visitors they may have. Visitors must be picked up from the hotel lobby. The Family Nest Hotel is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. A children’s playroom is available on the same floor.

Visiting the ward during influenza and RSV season
Visiting the inpatient ward will be limited during the flu season to provide safety for our patients and prevent the spread of infections. Only two people are allowed to visit a patient at a time. Please consult the staff if you wish to bring the patient’s siblings for a visit.
Please do not to not visit the ward if you are ill. For infection prevention, we recommend that you mainly stay in your patient room at the ward during the flu season. The staff can give you further information about visiting.


Note! Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic visits are not allowed.​ One support person can be involved in the Family Nest Hotel after childbirth, starting at 1 June 2020.​