Total care for the benefit of the patient

​The Breast Surgery Unit employs three nurses who have completed specialist training in breast cancer. They will see breast cancer patients immediately after  the first physician's appointment and are available to answer any questions the patients might have about breast cancer during the treatment period. The unit nurses will also serve as a contact point between the patient, the Breast Surgery Unit and the various collaborating units.

The unit also employs physiotherapists who offer guidance and advice to inpatients and often continue to advise patients when they visit the outpatient clinic after surgery.

Studies show that the level of provided care is excellent

We monitor our treatment results and compile statistics on patients cured of cancer and data on patient satisfaction. More than 90% of our patients are either satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment they have received.

The treatment results at Breast Surgery Unit have been excellent. In a five-year follow-up period, the risk of breast cancer recurrence in the breast or underarm area in patients operated on in the beginning of the 21st century was only 2 to 3 per cent. Breast cancer mortality is also very low - if the tumour size was less than 2 cm, 98 per cent of patients were still alive five years after surgery. 

Breast Surgery Unit also actively participates in breast cancer research and the results have been extensively published in esteemed journals of surgical oncology and presented in international conferences on cancer.