Emergency clinic

​Sairaalantie 1, FIN-06150 Porvoo
P.O.BOX 500, FIN-06151 Porvoo
3rd floor (entrance floor)
Entrance to the clinic is next to the hospital's main entrance.

Opening hours The Emergency Clinic at the Porvoo Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephone 116 117 (phone call price 0 eur)

019 548 2552
Head Nurse Timo Halme
Chief Physician Laura Moring
Email addresses FirstName.LastName@hus.fi

The Emergency Clinic provides specialist medical care to patients with acute conditions requiring urgent medical attention. In Eastern Uusimaa, Porvoo Hospital's Emergency Clinic is the only location providing medical care at night (10pm to 8am).

When you need an ambulance: call 112​​