Internal Medicine Ward S2

Visiting address
Peijas Hospital
Sairaalakatu 1, 01400 Vantaa
Postal address
P.O. Box 900, 00029 HUS
Contact information
09 471 67495
Fax 09 471 67579
Nurses 09 471 67493, 09 471 67490
Ward secretary 09 471 67495
Visiting hours: 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. and, according to agreement, also during other times.
Ward S2 in an inpatient ward with 35 beds, offering specialised medical care mainly to the adult population in Vantaa and Kerava. The majority of patients are admitted to the ward as emergency cases after falling acutely ill. Patients are also admitted based on booked examination appointments for a liver biopsy or gastrointestinal endoscopy, for example.
Some of the patients suffer from multiple diseases and their condition has deteriorated due to an acute inflammatory disease, such as pneumonia, nephritis, or sepsis. Other patients treated on the ward include patients afflicted with diabetes and its complications, and patients suffering from various functional disturbances of the liver and digestive organs.
We examine and provide cytotoxic chemotherapy for hematological patients who suffer from myeloma, for example, and we also treat other cancer patients.

​The average length of stay on the ward is 4 days.