Peijas Hospital

Sairaalakatu 1, Vantaa
P.O. Box 900, FIN-00029 HUS

Tel. 09 471 67371
Int. tel. +358 9 471 67371 

Peijas Hospital is part of the Helsinki University Hospital (HUH), and provides care for patients requiring surgical, psychiatric or internal medicine (such as cardiological or pulmonary) treatment.

 Peijas Hospital comprises several specialist outpatient clinics and service functions that support examinations and care.

A joint emergency clinic combining the emergency services of the health centre and specialised medical care operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week at Peijas Hospital. Patients are admitted to the emergency clinic by referral or, in emergencies, without a referral, round the clock. The emergency clinic provides internal medicine and surgical specialised medical care for patients over 16 who are acutely and seriously ill and need immediate care.

Psychiatric treatment is by referral only. Patients requiring urgent care outside office hours are referred by Peijas Hospital's health centre emergency clinic.

Please note! HUS has limited visitation at its hospitals and other facilities due to the coronavirus epidemic. More information​