Inpatient treatment

Inpatient care is provided at four wards in the New Children's Hospital. Most patient rooms are single rooms.

You are not allowed to visit the hospital if you have an infectious disease (e.g. gastroenteritis or respiratory infection). Personnel at the ward will assist you if you are unclear how to proceed.

Storage for clothes

Lockers for storage can be found in the lobbies of all wards.

Disclosing information

The staff will disclose information about the child’s/adolescent's medical condition to both parents unless otherwise agreed. The hospital call center and information service is able to answer which ward the child is treated at for directing guests and telephone calls. If you do not wish that your child’s information is available for the call center and information service, please inform the ward staff when you arrive.

Visiting and spending the night at the ward

The inpatient wards have free visiting hours. One parent may spend the night in the child’s patient room if they wish to do so. The patient rooms are equipped with a personal toilet and shower.

Multi-purpose service system

Children staying at an inpatient ward will receive a tablet computer when they arrive. The tablet provides information about what is happening in the hospital, allows them to play games and watch programs, search for information, and keep in touch with people at home.


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