Food at the Hospital

​Patients staying at wards will receive meals that are designed to fit their age and illness. If the child has an out of the ordinary special diet, please inform the ward even before you arrive if possible. Meal times are flexible if need be: the child’s personal rhythm and procedure schedules are taken into account. If the child is breastfed, breastfeeding can continue depending on the child’s condition.

Meals during short-term stays

Patients at the Day Hospital Taika, Day Center Vuori, in ambulatory surgery and other day units are given a snack in the hospital as needed.

Parents’ meals

Parents who are staying at a ward with their child can have meals in the staff restaurant. The ward staff can provide a certificate with which the parents can buy meals at the discounted staff price. The parents can also buy food from the 2nd floor café or bring their own meals.