Pediatric Clinical Neurophysiology

Street address
New Children's Hospital
Stenbäckinkatu 9, Helsinki
Entrance D (Main Entrance after 3.30 p.m.), 7th floor

Mailing address
PO Box 347
00029 HUS
Contact information
Office: 09 472 80500 or 050 427 9002
Fax: 09 471 80244

Nurse Manager Pirjo Koskinen,
Chief Physician Leena Lauronen,

The ward for pediatric clinical neurophysiology focuses on examining the nervous system. Our child patients usually arrive via the neurology unit, intensive care unit, emergency clinic, or inpatient wards.

One of the most central examinations we offer is electroencephalography (EEG) which records the electrical activity of the brain. The indication for the examination may be seizure-like symptoms, or need for diagnostics due to an acute brain injury or a developmental disorder.

Clinical Neurophysiology also offers means to examine the electrical activity of the peripheral nervous system and muscular system through electroneuromyography(ENMG). ENMG can be used to diagnose possible nerve damage or disorders of the muscular system.

All children’s sleep studies in the HUS area are performed in the unit, and the examination unit also provides the most demanding children’s sleep studies (polysomnography, PSG) for the entire country. Sleep studies are used to diagnose various types of breathing disorders that occur in sleep and abnormalities related to falling asleep.  Examinations involving the nervous system are also performed in Clinical Neurophysiology. Such examinations include so called evoked potential measurements to study long neural pathways.