Outpatient clinics, day activities, and other units

Most of the hospital’s customers arrive and leave on the same day. Outpatient clinics treat pediatric, pediatric surgery and child neurology patients. Patients receive treatments or follow-up care at the Day Centers or Day Hospital during the day.


It is safe to come to the hospital even during an epidemic, coronavirus (COVID-19)
You can safely attend pediatric appointments, examinations and procedures even during the epidemic. Re-scheduling the appointment may be harmful for your child’s health. If a doctor has ordered lab or imaging tests for your child, you should have them taken before the appoint-ment.
However, please remember that you cannot come to the hospital if you have an infectious disease. To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, only one person can accompany the child to the appointment.

If your child’s condition and the nature of the examinations allows it, we can arrange your appointment as an online appointment. If needed, please contact the unit responsible for your care.

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