Ward 5B Transplantation and Liver Surgery

Street address
Meilahti Triangle Hospital, 5 th floor
Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki

Mailing address
PL 372, 00029 HUS

Contact information
Patient inquiries: 09 471 77530 (secretaries), 09 471 77598 (nurses)
Referral and queue inquiries: 050 375 4285 (Monday to Friday 12-14)
Fax 09 471 77284

Nurse manager Sini Heino 050 427 9811
Chief medical officer: Heikki Mäkisalo
Chief of division Helena Isoniemi 

Visiting hours daily from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. 
Please keep in mind that flowers are not allowed on the ward.

Liver transplant patients, patients requiring liver surgery and intestinal transplant patients are treated on the transplant and liver surgery ard 5B of the Meilahti Triangle Hospital.

Ward 5B is the only unit in Finland specialising in liver surgeries. The preliminary examinations of liver transplant patients and making the decisions about entering a patient in the liver transplant waiting list are done here. If a liver transplant is not performed, the complications of liver cirrhosis can in some patients be treated using surgical and radiological methods.

In the HUS area, liver surgeries are exclusively performed on the ward, and across the country most of the more demanding hepatic and biliary surgeries are performed on the ward. Two in three patients admitted are not from the HUS area.

Common operations include surgical excision of liver metastases from large intestine and rectal cancers, liver cancer and cancer of the biliary tract. Some patients stay over night in a patient hotel prior to arriving to the hospital for examinations and treatment.