Meilahti Triangle Hospital

Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki
P.O Box 372, FIN-00029 HUS
Tel. (09) 4711
Int. tel. +358 9 4711

Interactive map of Meilahti area, with a guide of the interior of Meilahti Triangle Hospital

Meilahti Triangle Hospital is part of Helsinki University Hospital (HUH), and provides care for patients with cardiac, neurological, haematological or internal medicine disorders, infectious diseases, or requiring liver surgery or an organ transplant. The hospital also has a Short Stay Unit from which the patients are discharged or transferred to further treatment usually within 48 hours.

In Finland, stem cell transplantations, consultation services for systemic rheumatic diseases, and the treatment of rheumatic diseases requiring organ transplantation are exclusively performed at Meilahti Triangle Hospital.

Meilahti Triangle Hospital comprises several specialist outpatient clinics and service functions that support examinations and care. Meilahti Triangle Hospital collaborates with Meilahti Tower Hospital. The hospitals share a main entrance.

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