Transplantation Services

Street address:
Meilahti Tower Hospital, 1st floor
Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 340
00029 HUS

Contact information:
Tel. +358 9 9 471 78397

The coordinator in charge of organ donations 24/7:
tel. 0400 459 060

Meilahti Tower Hospital's Transplantation Services is is part of the HUCH Department of Transplantation and Hepatic Surgery. There are five organ transplant coordinators, who coordinate all organ donations and transplants starting from the first phone call by the donating hospital.

Transplantation Services makes the arrangements for organ retrieval and transportation, summons the correct personnel, and schedules the organ retrieval and transplant operations. When organs are retrieved from the thoracic area (heart, lungs), scheduling is completed in cooperation with the coordinators at the HUCH Heart and Lung Center.

Additionally, coordinators at Transplantation Services arrange organ transportation according to Scandiatransplant's emergency recovery and exchange systems. One coordinator is on duty at all times.

The tasks of Transplantation Services include organising treatment for patients who are waiting for a kidney, liver, pancreatic, or intestinal transplant.

Transplantation Services provides information on any issues related to organ donations and transplants, including the required testing, donor suitability, and donor care instructions. The coordinators organise training at donating hospitals and educational facilities.

Coordinators at the Transplantation Services:

  • Eero Hartikka
  • Heikki Norio
  • Carola Schauman
  • Hannu Taka-Eilola
  • Leena Toivonen.

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