Prehospital emergency care

​Emergency medical services include urgent treatment of patients who have suffered an injury or a sudden onset of an illness primarily outside of health care treatment facilities and transport of patients to the treatment unit with the most appropriate medical services.

Proper use of the emergency number

If someone’s life or health is threatened or in danger you should not hesitate in calling the emergency number 112, it is better to be safe than sorry.

When to call 112?

- When you are faced with an emergency situation or there is an acute need of an emergency response authority
- When someone’s life, health, property or the environment is threatened or in danger

Call the emergency number 112 for example when,

- You fall victim to a traffic accident or have just witnessed one
- You notice a fire starting
- You notice that property has been broken into
- You have a need for an ambulance or social welfare authority

You should dial 112 yourself if possible. It is preferred that the person, who the matter involves, calls 112 if only possible. That person usually has that kind of information the ERC operator needs, when evaluating the need for assistance. In a worst case scenario emergency calls that come through an intermediary person might delay the arrival of assistance.
The person calling 112 should know their location. The street address and the municipality are the most important information in an emergency situation. The more accurate the location is, the faster help can be received. Especially the locations of used leisure spots should be figured out and written down beforehand.