Delivery ward



Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic visits are not allowed. Read more about the restrictions here. ​​

If you are about to give birth and you have either a suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection, or symptoms of a respiratory infection, please call us t. 019 380 1424 before you arrive to the hospital. Suspected or confirmed coronavirus infections and other symptoms of family members or other close relationships should also be reported. During coronavirus epidemic, you can not come to the hospital without prior notice.

Lohja Hospital
Delivery Ward
Sairaalatie 8
08200 Lohja
Contact information: Midwife tel. 019 380 1424 - Please call us before you leave for the hospital to give birth. 
Our hospital performs deliveries starting from gestational week 35 + 0. You are welcome to give birth from any location in Finland. We offer individual, high-quality, family-centered and baby-friendly care that focuses on the expectant mother’s wishes.  Our goal is to provide a safe delivery and a great delivery experience for the whole family. Our small and homelike delivery unit staff performs their work with warmth and a big heart. We follow the World Health Organisation and UNICEF’s Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. Lohja Hospital received the Baby-Friendly Hospital certification in 2015. 

During childbirth, we offer the option to choose from several medication-free and pharmaceutical pain relief methods. Lohja Hospital offers the possibility of water birth; all our delivery rooms are equipped with a tub.  Both planned and emergency caesarean sections are performed at the delivery ward. The family can have the baby in skin-to-skin contact and spend time together after the surgery and in the recovery room. 

Each family receives individual counselling and guidance depending on their needs. After childbirth, our comfortable inpatient ward offers family rooms where parents can take their time to get to know their new family member. Mothers who have given birth before are offered the opportunity for an outpatient childbirth or early discharge. A Neonatal Monitoring Unit operates near the Delivery Ward treating new born babies requiring special monitoring. 

In addition to the care staff, our ward has a gynecologist, anaesthesiologist and a paediatrician available around the clock. 

Lohja Hospital arranges orientation visits to the ward in Finnish and Swedish for both first-time mothers and mothers who have given birth before. 

We arrange “Midwife’s Q&A” events in co-operation with maternity clinics (Lohja, Vihti, Nummela, Inkoo, Siuntio and Kirkkonummi).

Customer parking is free in Lohja Hospital. The parking area has 24-hour parking and 4-hour disc parking. Additionally, we have especially reserved four parking spaces for those arriving for childbirth.