Maternity ward


Note! Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic visits are not allowed.​ Read more about the restrictions here. ​​


Lohja Hospital
Sairaalatie 8
08200 LOHJA

tel. 019 380 1424

Our homelike ward offers a quiet stay for getting to know your baby during the first few days. Each family receives individual counselling and guidance according to their needs. We provide care with consideration to families’ wishes.

The Neonatal Monitoring Unit is located close to the ward, where new born babies requiring special monitoring are cared for.

The ward follows the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. We give individual breastfeeding guidance acknowledging the wishes of the parents and the baby’s nutritional needs. 

The Maternity Ward has two-person rooms and family rooms. The family room allows the mother and partner/support person to get to know the baby together.
Discharge time depends on the wellbeing of both the mother and baby and the mother's wishes. A paediatrician examines the new born before discharge. If the mother wishes for early discharge with the baby, we will plan the discharge and further treatment individually.  
If necessary, the baby's follow-up care continues through outpatient appointments. If the mother experiences any problems with breastfeeding, they can come in for a breastfeeding appointment up until the baby is 6 months old.  
Visitors are welcome at the ward every day between 17:30 and 19:30. 
The mother’s spouse, siblings and grandparents can visit the ward outside the visiting hours.