Ward 19 Adolescent Psychiatry

Kellokoski Hospital (Ohkola building)
Ohkolantie 20
FI-04500 Kellokoski

Office: 09 2716 3172

Head of department: Martti Korpela 050 427 6785
Senior physician:  050 427 2484
Head nurse: Heikki Tähti 050 427 6577

Belonging to the Helsinki- and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS), ward 19 is an examination and treatment ward with six beds intended for children and adolescents presenting difficult symptoms. The patient’s need to be transferred to receive treatment provided by a speciality unit is assessed in the children and adolescent psychiatry wards in the patient’s own hospital area . Treatment concentrates on examinations and as short a treatment period as possible, after which the adolescent can return to the referring unit.