Ward 12 Akute Psychiatry

Vanha Valtatie 198
FI-04500 Kellokoski

Office: 09 2716 3501
Fax: 09 2716 3632

Chief of Division: chief physician Kari Raaska 050 4277 688
Chief of Ward Group: nursing director Saija Syvänen 050 4277 333
Head nurse: Arja Erkkilä 050 4272 001

Ward 12 is a semi-acute ward with 19 beds providing continued treatment. Primarily, the ward is intended for patients needing longer inpatient care than just a short-term acute treatment period to enable outpatient care.  Patients are admitted from other wards of Kellokoski Hospital as well as Peijas and Jorvi hospitals. The majority of patients suffer from some sort of psychotic disorder or bipolar affective disorder.