Psychogeriatry and Neuropsychiatry Clinic

Vanha Valtatie 198
FI-04500 Kellokoski

Exchange: 09 2716 1

Ward secretary: 040 6361 287 (appointments)
Nurse: 040 5824 403

Chief physician Risto Vataja
Nursing director Camilla Ekegren
Head nurse: Jyrki Loijas 050 427 3657

In support of basic health care, the clinic treats demanding psychogeriatric and neuropsychiatric patients needing specialised medical care. In the main, patients are admitted to the clinic based on a referral that is reacted to as quickly as possible by booking an appointment at the clinic or the patient’s home.

In addition to psychiatric examinations, the clinic’s tasks include follow-up visits after inpatient care, consultations related to medication and treatment problems and assessment of the need for inpatient care.