JMT Rehabilitation Clinic

​Järvenpää, Mäntsälä, Tuusula

contact details

Järvenpää office
Sibeliuksenkatu 4 C, 1st floor
FI-04400 Järvenpää
Telephone: 09 2716 3168 or 09 2716 52 (exchange)
Fax: 09 2716 3121

Mäntsälä office
Keskuskatu 2 C
FI-04600 Mäntsälä
Telephone: 09 2716 3168 or 09 2716 52 (exchange)
Fax: 09 2716 3121

Tuusula office
Kauppatie 8 
FI-04300 Tuusula
Telephone: 09 2716 3168 or 09 2716 52
Fax: 09 2716 3121

Other contact details
Chief of Division: Eila Sailas 050 3304 175
Deputy chief physician: Teija Lindberg 09 2716 52 (exchange)
Chief of Ward Group: Saija Syvänen 050 4277 333
Head nurse: Saija Arokoski 0400 7702 68

JMT Rehabilitation Clinic is a specialised psychiatric medical care examination, treatment and rehabilitation unit for the outpatient care of psychotic diseases. The Rehabilitation Clinic serves the adult population living in the municipalities of Järvenpää, Mäntsälä and Tuusula.

A referral from a physician is required for an appointment at the JMT Rehabilitation Clinic. The Housing Training Unit of the Rehabilitation Clinic offers housing training based on a referral from a physician and a prepared rehabilitation plan.

Visits to the outpatient clinic are free of charge but a penalty fee of €39.60 is charged for unused and uncancelled appointments. In addition, a separate fee will be charged for medical certificates.