Hyvinkää Mood Disorder Outpatient Clinic

H-hospital, Sairaalankatu 1, 2nd floor
05850 Hyvinkää
Secretary: 019 4587 2048
Fax: 019 4587 3575

Open Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00

Director of Department: Chief Physician Eila Sailas
Chief of Ward Group: Saija Syvänen
Nurse Manager: Maisa Hietanen

Hyvinkää Mood Disorder Outpatient Clinic is a part of specialized psychiatric treatment, and it provides outpatient evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of mood disorders. Treatment methods include individual, family, and group therapy, and medication.

The outpatient clinic provides care for the adult population of Hyvinkää.

Admittance to the outpatient clinic requires a doctor's referral from a hospital, health center, or e.g. occupational health care. Referrals are processed in a centralized referral and evaluation team.

Outpatient Clinic appointments are free of charge. Fees for doctor's certificates are determined according to the Act and Decree on Client Fees, a maximum of €39.60. Patients over the age of 15 will be charged for missed and not cancelled appointments for outpatient care. The appointment must be cancelled by 12:00 noon on the preceding weekday. Further information and the fee amounts can be found at http://www.hus.fi/en/patients/patient-fees/Pages/default.aspx.